Privacy Policy

Updated: July 2022

At The Old Hall Ely, we take your privacy very seriously. We understand that your privacy is important to you. We respect the privacy of everyone who visits this website, (“Our Site”).

Therefore our privacy policy sets out how we, The Old Hall Ely, uses and protects any information we may collect and retain from when you use our website. We will only collate and use personal data in the methods set out by this privacy policy and we do our utmost to align our policy which meets and is consistent with our obligations and your rights under the UK GDPR.

Please endeavour to read though this privacy policy in a conscientious manner to ensure that you fully understand our policy. We will assume that you have accepted the policy upon use of the website. If you do not accept and agree with this privacy policy, you must exit our website immediately.

  1. Introduction
    1. The Old Hall Ely are 100% devoted in the practice of safeguarding the privacy of our website and its subsequent users.
    2. This privacy policy is applicable where we are acting as the data controller in regards to personal data that is collated from the users of this website.
    3. By continuing to use The Old Hall Ely’s website and agreeing with this policy, you subsequently consent to the use of our cookies which align with the terms set out within this policy.
    4. Throughout this policy we will use certain terminology,
      1. “We”, “Us”, and “Our” refers to The Old Hall Ely, Stuntney Causeway, Stuntney, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5TR;
      2. “Cookie” is in reference to a small text file which is placed on your computer or alternative device by our site when you visit certain areas. Details of cookies used through this site can be found under section 13;
      3. “Cookie law” refers to the relevant aspects of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003;
      4. “Personal Data” means any and all data that relates to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified from that data. In this case, it means personal data that you give to Us via Our Site. This definition shall, where applicable, incorporate the definitions provided in the EU Regulation 2016/679 – the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
  2. Information about us
    1. Our site is owned by The Old Hall Ely, Stuntney Causeway, Stuntney, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5TR 
  3. What does this policy cover?
    1. The details set out in this privacy policy is only applicable to your usage of our website.
    2. Our site may contain links to other websites. However, please note that we have no control over how your data is collected, stored, or used by third-party websites and we advise you to check the privacy policies of any such websites before providing any data to them.
  4. Your rights
    1. During your interaction with our website, you’ll become a data subject as long as you agree with the terms set out in this privacy policy. As such, we have summarised your rights, which are protected under the UK GDPR data protection law. Some of the subsequent rights are complex, therefore not all of the details have been included in our summaries. As such, you should endeavour to seek a full explaination of your rights
    2. Your rights under UK GDPR data protection law are:
      1. The right to access;
      2. The right to rectification;
      3. The right to erasure;
      4. The right to restrict processing;
      5. The right to object to processing;
      6. The right to data portability;
      7. The right to complain to a supervisory authority; and
      8. The right to withdraw consent.
    3. If you have any reason to complain about our use of your personal data then we invite you to contact us directly utilising the details provided in section 14 and we will ensure that we do our best to solve the complaint for you. However, if we are unable to help, you also have the right to escalate the complaint to the UK’s supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office.
    4. For a more detailed insight into your rights, please refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.
  5. What data do we collect?
    1. Depending on how you interact with our website, we may collect some or all of the following personal, and non-personal data:
    2. Data we may collect:
      1. Name;
      2. Contact information such as email addresses and telephone numbers;
      3. Demographic information such as postcode, preferences, and interests;
      4. IP address;
      5. Web browser type and version;
      6. Operating system;
      7. A list of URLs starting with a referring site, your activity, and the site you exit to; and
      8. Geographic location
  6. How do we use your data?
    1. All personal data is processed by us is stored securely, for no longer than is necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected. We will always comply with our obligations and safeguard your rights under the UK GDPR at all times. For more details on security see section 7, below.
    2. Our use of your personal data will always be used in a lawful manner. Either because it is required for our performance of a contract with you, because you have consented to our use of your personal data (e.g. by subscribing to emails), or because it is in our legitimate interests. Specifically, we may use your data for the following purposes:
      1. Providing and managing your Account
      2. Providing and managing your access to Our Site
      3. Responding to any emails you have sent us
      4. Analysing your use of Our Site to enable Us to continually improve Our Site and your user experience;
    3. With your permission, we may also utilise your data for marketing purposes which may include email marketing, telephone, and/or post with information, news and offers on our weddings, hotel, and/or restaurant. We may utilise your data for advertising purposes whereby we create lookalike audiences within Google and Facebook. Nonetheless, we are 100% committed to not send you any unsolicited marketing or spam and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that we fully protect your rights and comply with our obligations under the GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.
    4. You always possess the right to withdraw your consent to us using your personal data at any time, and to request that we delete it.
    5. We do not keep your personal data for any longer than is necessary in light of the reason(s) for which it was first collected.
  7. How and where do we store your data?
    1. We only keep your personal data for as long as we need to in order to use it as described above in section 6.
    2. Data security is very important to us, and to protect your data, we have taken suitable measures to safeguard and secure data collected throughout our website.
  8. Do we share your data?
    1. We will not share any of your data with any third parties for any purposes.
    2. In certain scenarios, we may be legally required to share certain data held by us.
    3. Which may include:
      1. Your personal data. For example, where we are involved in legal proceedings, where we are complying with legal obligations, a court order, or a governmental authority.
  9. What happens if our business changes hands?
    1. We may, from time to time, have to increase or decrease our business which may involve the sale and/or the transfer of control of all or part of our business.
    2. Any personal data that you have provided will, where it is relevant to any part of our business that is being transferred, be transferred along with that part and the new owner or newly controlling party will, under the terms of this privacy policy, be permitted to use that data only for the same purposes for which it was originally collected by us.
    3. In the event that any of your data is to be transferred in such a manner, you will not be contacted in advance and informed of the changes.
  10. How can you control your data?
    1. In addition to your rights under UK GDPR, set out in section 4, when you submit personal data via our website, you may be given options to restrict our use of your data.
    2. In particular, we aim to give you strong controls on our use of your data for direct marketing purposes (including the ability to opt-out of receiving emails from us which you may do by unsubscribing using the links provided in our emails and at the point of providing your details and by managing your Account).
    3. You may also wish to sign up to one or more of the preference services operating in the UK: The Telephone Preference Service (“the TPS”), the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (“the CTPS”), and the Mailing Preference Service (“the MPS”). These may help to prevent you receiving unsolicited marketing. Please note, however, that these services will not prevent you from receiving marketing communications that you have consented to receiving.
  11. Your right to withhold information
    1. You may access certain areas of our website without providing any data at all. However, to use all features and functions available on our website you may be required to submit or allow for the collection of certain data.
    2. You may restrict our use of cookies. For more information, see section 13.
  12. How can you access your data?
    1. You have the right to ask for a copy of any of your personal data held by Us (where such data is held).
    2. Under UK GDPR, no fee is payable and we will provide any and all information in response to your request free of charge.
    3. Please contact us for more details at or using the contact details below in section 14.
  13. Cookies policy
    1. Our Site may place and access certain first party Cookies on your computer or device. First party Cookies are those placed directly by Us and are used only by Us. We use Cookies to facilitate and improve your experience of Our Site and to provide and improve Our services. We have carefully chosen these Cookies and have taken steps to ensure that your privacy and personal data is protected and respected at all times.
    2. By using our website, you may also receive certain third party cookies on your computer or device. Third party cookies are those placed by websites, services, and/or parties other than us. Third party cookies are used on our website for advertising and other services. In addition, we use analytics services provided by Google and others, which also use cookies. Digital analytics refers to a set of tools used to collect and analyse usage statistics, enabling us to better understand how people use the website.
    3. It is your right to choose whether you’d like to enable or disable cookies in your internet browser. When you first enter our website, you’ll be presented with a banner whereby you can opt in or out of our cookies. Most internet browsers also enable you to choose whether you wish to disable all cookies or only third party cookies. By default, most internet browsers accept cookies but this can be changed. For further details, please consult the help menu in your internet browser or the documentation that came with your device.
    4. You can choose to delete Cookies on your computer or device at any time, however you may lose any information that enables you to access our website more quickly and efficiently including, but not limited to, login and personalisation settings.
    5. It is recommended that you keep your internet browser and operating system up-to-date and that you consult the help and guidance provided by the developer of your internet browser and manufacturer of your computer or device if you are unsure about adjusting your privacy settings.
    6. The cookies that we use on our website include:
      1. MCPopupClosed: A cookie that is utilised by Mailchimp which stores information if a message has been dismissed. The cookie will expire after a year.
      2. _utma: A cookie that is used by Google Analytics which identifies unique visitors that land on our website. The data will expire after two years from your last visit to our website.
      3. _utmb: A cookie that is used by Google Analytics which identifies a web session and stores information about a user’s session.
      4. _utmc: Although this cookie is no longer utilised by Google Analytics, but is still needed for interoperability with urchin.js. Nevertheless, the _utmc cookie will expire once you close the browser.
      5. _utmt: This cookie is used to throttle the request rate and will subsequently expire 10 minutes after you leave our site.
      6. _utmz: Another cookie utilised for the use of Google Analytics. It will expire six months after you last visit our website.
      7. _ga: A cookie used by Google Analytics to help identify unique users and will expire two years after you last visit our website.
      8. _gcl_au: A cookie which is utilised by Google Analytics that allows us to store and track conversions.
      9. _gid: A cookie utilised by Google Analytics that stores and counts pageviews across our website. The cookie will expire after a day of website usage.
      10. _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress: A cookie utilised by Hotjar to store data about unique visits. The cookie expires after a session.
      11. _hjIncludedInPageviewSample: A cookie utilised by Hotjar to store information about usage of our website. The cookie will expire after 30 minutes.
      12. _hjIncludedInSessionSample: A cookie utilised by Hotjar to gather information across our website in regards to usage of our website. The cookie will expire 30 minutes after your last interaction with our website.
      13. cookielawinfo_checkbox_advertisement: This cookie stores if a visitor has agreed to “advertisement” cookies.
      14. cookielawinfo_checkbox_analytics: This cookie stores whether a user has agreed to “analytics” cookies.
      15. cookielawinfo_checkbox_functional: This cookie stores whether a user has agreed to “functional” cookies.
      16. cookielawinfo_checkbox_necessary: This cookie stores whether a user has agreed to “necessary” cookies.
      17. cookielawinfo_checkbox_others: This cookie stores whether a user has agreed to “other” cookies.
      18. cookielawinfo_checkbox_performance: This cookie stores whether a user has agreed to “performance” cookies.
      19. OptanonAlertBoxClosed: This cookie is utilised by OneTrust, a software we use on our website. The cookie is set after users have seen a cookie information notice. This cookie will expire after one year.
      20. OptanonConsent: This cookie is utilised by OneTrust. It enables us to prevent cookies from being set in your browser if you don’t grant consent. The cookie will expire after one year.
      21. tk_ai: This cookie is utilised by WordPress plugins (Automattic, JetPack, and WooCommerce) to store a unique user ID. This cookie will expire after each individual session.
      22. wordpress_test_cookie: This cookie is utilised by WordPress to assess if cookies can be placed. The cookie expires after each individual session.
      23. wp-settings-6 and wp-settings-time-6: Cookies utilised by WordPress to customise your view of admin interface. The cookie will expire after a year.
    7. We reserve the right to update which cookies are used within our website. When we do add or remove cookies from our website, the privacy policy will be updated to replicate any changes. It would be beneficial to keep checking our privacy policy to ensure you are aware.
    8. We use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimise this service and experience. Hotjar is a technology service that helps us better understand our users’ experience (e.g. how much time they spend on which pages, which links they choose to click, what users do and don’t like, etc.) and this enables us to build and maintain our service with user feedback. Hotjar uses cookies and other technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and their devices. This includes a device’s IP address (processed during your session and stored in a de-identified form), device screen size, device type (unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), and the preferred language used to display our website. Hotjar stores this information on our behalf in a pseudonymised user profile. Hotjar is contractually forbidden to sell any of the data collected on our behalf.
  14. Contacting us
    1. If you have any questions about our website or our privacy policy, please do not hesitate in getting in contact with us by emailing, by telephone on 01353 663275, or by post at The Old Hall Ely, Stuntney Causeway, Stuntney, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5TR. Please ensure that your correspondence is clear, especially if your request is in regards to information about date we hold about you.
  15. Changes to our privacy and cookie policies
    1. We reserve the right to alter our privacy and cookie policy from time to time, as we see fit or if the law changes. Any changes will be swiftly displayed on our website and it’ll be deemed that you are in acceptance of our policy changes upon the first use of our website following the update. We do recommend that you revisit our privacy policy periodically to ensure you are kept up to date.